Breeding Birds in Captivity

Birds can be great pets, and they can be trained to be well-behaved as well. Depending on the type of bird, they can be very intelligent and loving, and contrary to popular belief, birds are capable of becoming attached to their owners. If you happen to be a bird enthusiast, you might have a few pet birds under your wing. Breeding said birds in captivity is not an easy process and is usually strongly discouraged if you do not have the necessary experience or knowledge about how birds usually breed and how things might change for them when they are in captivity. If you want more information on how birds breed in captivity, you can visit

Different bird species have different ways to breed and go about incubating and raising their chicks. Understanding how your bird species generally operate in the wild will help you better understand things like how long the incubation period lasts, how long the bird will take care of the chicks when they do hatch, and whether or not they would do any of this, to begin with, in the first place and just reject the chicks.


The chances of a bird rejecting its chicks in captivity are relatively high, and this is where you might have to raise the hatchlings on your own which is an incredibly tricky task since it requires around-the-clock care and supervision. These hatchlings would also have weaker immune systems and are more likely to develop behavioral problems when they are not raised by their parents. These are significant factors to take into account if you are considering breeding your birds. It can be rewarding for some, but it can be incredibly difficult and at times cruel to witness for others. So, do not try to breed birds on your own if you know nothing about the subject.