The Different Ways Yoga Can Change Your Life

Everyone has heard that there are a lot of different benefits to doing yoga as a regular fitness practice in your life. You hear about how it can help different people with different sorts of things but many people are unaware of what those exact benefits actually are. So in this article we will be talking about the different health benefits, both physical and mental, that you can get from regularly doing yoga.

Yoga School

So one of the biggest benefits is the fact that yoga helps you get a lean body. You can build a bigger and stronger body and cut out the body fat that you have. Most people think the yoga poses are mostly for meditation and spiritual but the truth is that yoga, when taught by professionals like the Marianne Wells Yoga School, is using your own body weight and making you bear it to build up your muscles. It uses the same concept as pushups and planks, which also use your body weight to build muscle. Yoga is a great way to do this in ways you otherwise would not be able to. The different poses help you bear the weight to train muscles you normally would not be able to. On top of building strength and muscle, it also tones and shapes your body really well. Yoga can shape and tone the muscles in your legs, arms, abs, and even your shoulders to give you more definition.

Yoga also helps you balance your mental thought process. People think of stress, anxiety, or depression, as things that happen in the brain and are just thoughts. However, this is not true, they are affected by hormones and body function. The hormone cortisol is often called the stress hormone, and it can be greatly reduced in the body with yoga.